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Joliet District 86 Students to Expand Learning

Fifth-grade students throughout Joliet Public Schools District 86 read the book Thunder Rolling in the Mountains by Scott O'Dell and Elizabeth Hall in their Wit and Wisdom English Language Arts unit about the history of Nez Perce tribe. Students in Maida Cornelio-Sauseda's classroom at A.O. Marshall Elementary School also had chance to meet with Joyce McFarland, the Education Manager for the Nez Perce Tribal Nation in Idaho, via Zoom, to learn the history about the Nez Perce tribe, see pictures of the Nimiipuu (The People) in their traditional homelands in present day states of Idaho, Montana, Oregon, and Washington, and hear more about the tribal nation.

"I had the pleasure to join the Zoom call and see the students' eyes light up when Ms. McFarland shared details about the Nez Perce Tribe," said Joliet Public Schools District 86 Superintendent Dr. Theresa Rouse, "Thank you to our staff members for arranging this added and impactful component to the curriculum."

"I am so grateful our students had this opportunity to expand their learning." A.O. Marshall Elementary School Principal Dr. Emilia Herrera added.


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