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Jet Dragster Driver Zach Costello Signed as Primary Driver for Florida Tech Jet Racing Team

PALM BAY, Florida – Heading into the 2023 racing season current rookie Larsen Motorsports (LMS) driver Zach Costello will be primary driver for the Florida Tech jet racing team. When the position became vacant, Zach Costello was at the right place at the right time. The move was solidified this week and will mean a paradigm shift for LMS. This shift at LMS is the first time that a 'Larsen' will not be primary driver at the helm of their fire breathing dragsters. In April 2021 at Cleetus and Cars Indy, Zach made his debut as a jet dragster driver. 2023 will be Zach's first full season as a primary driver, marking a special moment in his career.

The 28-year-old Florida Tech alumni has been with the LMS team since 2015, starting out as a student intern. He eventually worked his way into being the Florida Tech crew chief and now will pilot the car and team he has worked on for years. Zach said "I am excited to represent my alma mater as the primary driver for the Florida Tech jet dragster team in 2023. I have massive shoes to fill as I am replacing my mentor, Elaine Larsen. She has taught me well and I aim to be as consistent and influential as she has been."

The addition of Costello to the primary driver's line-up at LMS will add to a new generation of talent going into jet drag racing. This young talent will benefit from the driving input and expertise of Elaine Larsen, two-time IHRA world jet dragster champion. "This has been something we have wanted for years; from intern to crew chief to driver," states Elaine Larsen, President of LMS, "When Zach first met us, he knew he wanted to be apart of this team and now it is his turn. He has proven to have the heart and dedication that it takes to make it in this sport."

Costello, an engineer at L3Harris, will also be mentoring the next generation of Florida Tech students when he is not in the driver's seat. Chris Larsen, CEO of LMS said "Zach is the whole package; fabricator, welder, technician and jet car driver. I am excited to support him in this next phase of his racing career." With this level of experience, the students that Zach mentors are sure to learn a lot from someone that used to be walking in their shoes.

The Florida Tech jet racing team's 2023 racing season will be kicked off in Belle Rose, Louisiana on February 25, 2023 at No Problem Raceway. Follow Zach Costello using @zachcostello.racing on Facebook and Instagram. Follow Larsen Motorsports using @lmsjets on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

Established in 2006, Larsen Motorsports (LMS) has grown to become one of the most sought exhibition teams. Winning 2 World Championships with the IHRA Nitro Jam series, LMS owns 6 elite jet racing teams that are crowd favorites, including the 2x World Championship car driven by Elaine Larsen. Headquartered in Byron, Georgia, LMS campaigns the Florida Tech and House of Kolor jet racing teams at over two dozen event a year. LMS prides ourselves in safety and innovation and is on the cutting edge of new technology. Working hand in hand with Larsen Industries, LMS is helping provide the next generation with valuable "hands on" skills needed to provide them with the experience, dedication, and determination to gain them access to their dream jobs.


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