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We want to hear about how you are coping with the COVID-19 quarantine

Readers -

As all of us in the state are under the same restrictions - let's share the good things that can happen when people are put in a bad spot.

Send us your stories and photos of how you are handling the COVID-19 lockdown.

If you have a special way of teaching your kids while they are at home, if a group you are involved in is helping your neighbors - let us know. Whatever stories you may have to uplift fellow readers, send them in and we will get them posted to the site.

Email to [email protected].

I am starting here with a pair of images I borrowed from social media of food distribution within the Valley View School District in Bolingbrook and Romeoville.

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Reader Comments(1)

Stewman writes:

I have a story you probably wont post. All you want.to report on is all the do gooders. Why dont you write about all the people hoarding cant even buy a loaf of bread or meat or TP or even aspirin. People are just buying just to hoard it. What about the stores saying they'll open early for people over sixty and then monitor it and just let anyone in I'm glad there's good people out there but the jerks out weigh them.