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DuPage County Sheriff Closes Correctional Center to Public, halts Sheriff's Work Alternative Program (SWAP)

In an effort to protect the general public, staff, as well as inmates at the DuPage County Correctional

Center from the current COVID 19 pandemic, Sheriff James Mendrick has announced a series of

changes implemented in both the correctional center and the DuPage County Courthouse for the next

60 days. We are also asking those who do not need to come to our office to please eliminate any nonessential visits to our office.

Effective immediately, all non-mandatory staff, civilians and volunteers are prohibited from entering

the correctional facility. This also means the cancellation of all contact visits for inmates and have

implemented a screening process for any family visits. The Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program

(SWAP) will also be halted with those deputies being reassigned to the correctional facility.

Changes will also be made in how new inmates are received and processed. Effective immediately,

all incoming inmates will be screened in the squad, parked in the sally port, by medical staff for

COVID 19 symptoms. Those exhibiting symptoms will be sent immediately to the hospital for

testing or screening. In addition, all new inmates will be designated to the re-opened fourth story of

the correctional center to keep them separated from the current population.

“These changes are necessary as we attempt to limit the exposure of both our staff and inmates

during this pandemic,” Sheriff James Mendrick said. “All procedures will be re-evaluated against the

current state of the pandemic after 60 days. In the meantime, we’re doing all we can to ensure

everyone remains healthy.”

In the courthouse, all deputies have been provided with education regarding proper hand hygiene.

This includes use of hand sanitizers when donning and doffing gloves. They have been directed to

wear gloves and sanitize high touch areas including their work stations with disinfecting wipes with

each encounter.

Screening area machines and personnel property trays will also be wiped down with a disinfecting

wipe a minimum of hourly. Deputies who have direct contact with detainees will sanitize their

handcuffs and other equipment after each use.


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