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PARC celebrates 1-year anniversary with community

Plainfield community has chance to celebrate one-year anniversary with activities, games, prizes and discount for fitness on Saturday morning

To celebrate the one-year anniversary for the Plainfield Prairie Activity and Recreation Center, a fun filled day of activities and a cheap entrance were provided for those who participated.

"Overall it was a really fun day," said Recreation Manager of Facilities Beth Brannen.

The Plainfield Prairie Activity and Recreation Center opened in Feb. of 2019, and since then, has hosted many events for the community to participate in.

Events such as 'Party at the Park', 'Daddy Daughter Dance', 'Noon Years Eve' and winter basketball tournaments have all been held at the Recreation Center.

At the Recreation Center, there's a large gymnasium where two basketball courts are held at, an elevated track, a 4,000 square foot fitness center, a early childhood program room and a multi purpose all have hosted community members throughout the past year.

"In the multi purpose room we have hosted weddings, baby showers, parties and public meetings," said Marketing Manager Brock Stein.

Also throughout the course of the year, with the Recreation Center still being somewhat new, they have been seeing in increase in members, as Stein said between 60 and 70 new members sign up each month.

For an entrance fee during the celebration for the one-year anniversary, the entire day was just $1 to use the elevated track where residents and those who wanted to workout could join.

Inflatables in the gymnasium, activities for kids, information on the pre-school program in the classrooms and cake and refreshments were all provided.

"The activities were just in the morning but it was pretty cool that for that cheap price people could come and celebrate with us and obviously work out for a very reasonable price," Brannen said.

Not only did visitors have a chance to workout for a cheap price Saturday morning, but there was also a one-time special that was made available.

An entrance fee in order to win a free one-year member to the Recreation Center was up for grabs in order to celebrate the day.

A raffle for patrons and members were also on display, having the chance to win small prizes with the money raised going back to the Park District and Recreation Center.

"It was a great turnout with a lot of activity that was for a good cause celebrating our one-year anniversary as a community," Brannen said. "People really seemed to have fun with all of the activities that were going on throughout the morning into the afternoon."

Going forward, the Recreation Center did submit for a grant that they will find out later in the year to make an addition to the facility, which would incorporate adding another multi purpose room and more gym space for activities.

"All of the feedback we have ever gotten has been positive," Stein said. "The reviews from everyone have been glowing, and a day like today where there's a half day for the Plainfield School District, the gym is just loaded with kids."


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