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District 99 students earn 2020 Regional Scholastic Art Awards

District 99 Fine Arts students earned nearly 100 Chicagoland Area Regional Scholastic Art Awards. Hosted by the Fine Arts Departments at Community High School District 99, 1,038 local student artists representing 135 arts educators submitted 2,188 works of art for adjudication. 638 total works were honored with recognitions.

District 99 artists won 94 awards, including 30 Gold Key Awards, 32 Silver Key Awards, and 32 Honorable Mention Awards.

District 99 will host the Scholastic Art Show Regional Exhibition from February 2-7, at the Downers Grove North High School campus Main Street Lobby (4436 Main Street, Downers Grove, IL 60515). The public is cordially invited to attend the Exhibition Opening and Artists Reception on Sunday, February 2, from 1 – 4 p.m.

"We are very excited to host the regional exhibition at North High," said Brayer Teague, Fine Arts Department Chairman. "This show is always an amazing display of student creativity and a testament to the wonderful art teaching that is happening in District 99." According to Teague, the art teachers from both North and South High School play an important role in putting the exhibition together. "Our District 99 art teachers are the engine behind this regional affiliate of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. Their dedication and tireless commitment enables student artists from all over the suburban region to have their work evaluated by professional artists."

"We are exceedingly proud of both the process followed by our student artists, and of the products they all create." said Glenn Williams, Fine Arts Department Chairman at South High. "Scholastic Art Awards represent a high point of artistic achievement for a high school Visual Artist. We also congratulate our visual art faculty for mentoring these students through the artistic process."

Gold Key Awards

David Adelman (Jewelry) - North

Madison Bilotta (Drawing and Illustration) - South

Adam Blair-Smith (Photography) - North

Belle Blanchard (Jewelry) 2 - North

Belle Blanchard (Art Portfolio) - North

Ashley Boak (Photography) - South

Gavin Crowson (Photography) 2 - North

Sophie Dalen (Sculpture) - North

Morgan Donahue (Photography) - South

Audrey Dwyer (Design) - North

Audrey Dwyer (Design) - North

Danielle Gargiulo (Drawing and Illustration) - North

Danielle Gargiulo (Painting) - North

Zack Gaytan (Sculpture) - North

Zack Gaytan (Mixed Media) - North

Eileen Harris (Drawing and Illustration) - South

Brooke Hazen (Jewelry) - North

Alexandria Johnston (Ceramics and Glass) - North

Catherine Kammerer (Mixed Media) - South

Kristen Karam (Jewelry) - North

Patrick Lowery (Digital Art) - South

Hewane Melkie (Photography) - South

Eliot Michaels (Drawing and Illustration) - North

Katherine Morrissey (Photography) - North

Jocelyn Novielli-Mahr (Sculpture) - North

Jocelyn Novielli-Mahr (Mixed Media) - North

Alexis Pragides (Drawing and Illustration) - South

Arielle Williams (Photography) - South

Silver Key Awards

Emily Allen (Ceramics and Glass) - North

Annie Bieda (Jewelry) - North

Nolan Brezina (Jewelry) - North

Lillian Cawthorne (Drawing and Illustration) 3 - North

Alexis Dorion (Ceramics and Glass) - North

Audrey Dwyer (Art Portfolio) - North

Danielle Gargiulo (Painting) - North

Zack Gaytan (Jewelry) - North

Zack Gaytan (Sculpture) - North

Skyler Groveau (Digital Art) - South

Brooke Hazen (Jewelry) - North

Jillian Heiling (Ceramics and Glass) - South

Jenna Hunter (Ceramics and Glass) - South

Julia Isoniemi (Drawing and Illustration) - North

Ohana Jeron (Drawing and Illustration) 2 - North

Catherine Kammerer (Drawing and Illustration) - South

Sofya Kristesashvili (Photography) - South

Kaylee Kushta (Photography) - South

Meghan McConaughy (Photography) - North

Katie McGuire (Drawing and Illustration) - South

Katie Novotny (Photography) - South

Anika Oplanic (Jewelry) - North

Nathan Pautsch (Photography) - North

Gema Perez (Photography) - North

Sophie Peters (Art Portfolio) - North

Cecily Pope (Ceramics and Glass) - North

Elena Tomchek (Jewelry) - North

Gabrielle Walters (Ceramics and Glass) - North

yu (Lily) xinyang (Ceramics and Glass) - South

Honorable Mention Awards

Elyse Adams (Jewelry) - North

Adam Blair-Smith (Photography) - North

Belle Blanchard (Ceramics and Glass) - North

Nolan Brezina (Jewelry) - North

Jarrett Brogan (Ceramics and Glass) - North

Samuel Carter (Jewelry) - North

Daniel Chaidez (Mixed Media) - North

Juliana Crooks (Ceramics and Glass) - South

Gavin Crowson (Photography) - North

Sophie Dalen (Ceramics and Glass) - North

Maddy Dvorak (Ceramics and Glass) - North

Audrey Dwyer (Design) 2 - North

Rylee Fox (Jewelry) 2 - North

Faith Gaydusek (Painting) - North

Zack Gaytan (Jewelry) 2 - North

Samantha Groseth (Photography) - South

Julia Isoniemi (Drawing and Illustration) - North

Clark Kelly (Ceramics and Glass) - North

Grace Malatia (Drawing and Illustration) - South

Aloha Mendibles (Drawing and Illustration) - South

Claire Meyers (Jewelry) - North

Alexa Moy (Photography) - North

Tabaaraka Muzammil (Ceramics and Glass) - North

Jack Oakes (Digital Art) - North

Gema Perez (Photography) 2 - North

Ben Skibbe (Ceramics and Glass) - South

Elizabeth Spear (Photography) - South

Ian Wachel (Sculpture) - North

For more information about DGN Fine Arts, contact Department Chair Brayer Teague at [email protected] or visit the DGN Fine Arts Blog. For more information about DGS Visual Art, contact Department Chair Glenn Williams at [email protected] or visit the DGS Fine Arts Blog.


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