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Recreation Center to host 'Mother Son Gym Jam'

Moms and sons can come out for entertainment, games, snacks and music Feb. 21

At 6:30 p.m. on Feb. 21 at the Downers Grove Recreation Center, the 'Mother Son Gym Jam' will be open for those who want to participate.

The two-hour event will have many fun and entertaining activities for mothers and sons to enjoy.

"We've been doing this event for many years as a long time partnership with the Downers Grove Junior Women's Club," said Director of Community Engagement and Marketing Dawn Hartman. "It's really is just a great time for moms to connect with their sons."

The Gym Jam is available for boys ages four through 12, and in order for this event to take place, there must be at least 30 people there to participate.

During the event, mothers and sons will have the opportunity to enjoy snacks, games, entertainment and music with DJ Coach Josh.

The Recreation Center is advising to dress casual for this event, and if a mom is not able to show up, there can be a substitute with a grandma or aunt.

"It really gives families that chance to do something unique and special that maybe they haven't been able to do in the past or at home," Hartman said. "It gives them an opportunity to go out and try something that's fun."

There is also a discount for those who show up with more than one child or in a group, as whoever attends, can bring more kids out for the festivities.

It is managed by the Downers Grove Junior Women's Club, and all proceeds from the event are going towards benefiting District 99 Senior Scholarships.

Advanced registration is required and the fee is $26 for residents, $36 for non-residents, $13 for each additonal resident child and $18 for each non-resident child.

To be able to register for this event, those interested can register online or in the Downers Grove Park District facilities.

"This is an event that sells out pretty quickly, so we really recommend those who are interested in it to register as early as they can," Hartman said.


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