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Rep. Stephens addresses graffiti issue on noise abatement walls

State Representative Brad Stephens (20th District)issued this statement regarding the Kennedy Expressway Graffiti:

“My office has received numerous emails and phone calls concerning the graffiti on the noise abatement walls currently under construction along Kennedy Expressway near Cumberland and Canfield. I have been working with the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) and advocating for the removal of the graffiti from the vandalized walls.

Graffiti removal must be completed during warmer days because when the temperatures dip to near freezing levels the graffiti removal equipment will not work. This makes graffiti removal more difficult during winter months. However, during the construction process, crews will be working to remove graffiti to the best of their ability as weather permits. IDOT has communicated that it will ensure ALL the graffiti would be removed after the installation of the walls is completed.

Graffiti clean-up is only a short-term solution. As a long-term solution, vines will be installed on both sides of the wall. This should not only improve the aesthetic of the wall but will also deter vandalism. Additionally, I am looking into legislation to prevent vandalism.

If residents see new graffiti, they can contact my office so we can report the vandalism to IDOT and advocated for its removal.”


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