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AIH hosts seminar for companies to learn about their services

AIH provides pain management, physical therapy, chiropractic care, allergy testing, soft tissue therapy

In order to fully understand what Absolute Integrated Health (AIH) provides in terms of services, the company provided a free lunch and learn for any company that was interested to attend.

With many services provided for a healthy lifestyle for patients, AIH provides pain management, physical therapy, chiropractic care, allergy testing, soft tissue therapy, stem cell therapy, botox, diagnostic testing, hydro massage therapy and more.

"We basically deal with a bunch of different things that impact life tremendously," said Dr. James Nabzdyk. "We do a lot of things with musculoskeletal and the impact that it has on the body that a lot of people don't realize."

Located at 16310 S. Lincoln Highway #124 in Plainfield, Nabzdyk wants those who might be interested in a life change to know what someone can do to join.

"We do medical, chiropractic and physical therapy under one roof, which not many other places can say that they do," Nabzdyk said.

Insurance wise, treatment plans vary from case to case.

For generalities, Nabzdyk said that an average spine or joint condition takes two or three months to get completely stabilized, but patients usually feel better after a couple weeks.

Blue Cross, Aetna and UHC are just a few different types of insurance that AIH accepts, also, they are a Medicare accreditation facility where any type of DME's disperse from the actual clinic itself, and in order to receive that, AIH had to go through an accreditation process.

"We are providers here and what we do with each specific case is that we do a private consultation and go over all of your private information," Nabzdyk said. "Our second part is the financial part where you sit down and go over step by step about what your plan will be and how much it will cost with no surprises."

Working in this field for 28 years, Nabzdyk said that he wants customers to feel comfortable even if they have never had conservable treatment before, and his personal satisfaction to make people feel better than when they come in is what keeps his going every single day.

"I really hope this never gets old because I've been doing this for awhile now and obviously every case is different," Nabzdyk said. "I just enjoy helping my patients any way that I can and making them healthy and at full strength is what keeps me going every single day here."


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