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28 District 99 Student Musicians Earn All-State Honors from ILMEA

Twenty-eight District 99 student musicians have earned All-State honors through the Illinois Music Education Association (ILMEA). Students were selected to the All-State Band, All-State Choir, All-State Jazz Band, All-State Jazz Choir, All-State Orchestra and recognized in the All-State Music Composition Contest.

All-State musicians will travel to Peoria, IL, from January 29 - February 1, 2020 to participate in the Illinois Music Education Conference (IMEC). Their concerts will be held at the Peoria Civic Center on the afternoon of February 1.

"We are truly thrilled for these students and their families," said Brayer Teague, Fine Arts Department Chair at North High. "Many people helped these students achieve this success, beginning with their very first elementary school music teachers and extending to their private-lessons teachers today. We are very proud to have these incredible musicians representing District 99 at the All-State level, and we are excited they will now perform alongside the very best musicians in the State of Illinois."

"Earning a spot as an All-State musician is the pinnacle of performance success for a high school performer in Illinois," said Fine Arts Department Chairman Glenn Williams. "The long-term performance success of these student musicians can be attributed to families, private teachers, and sender school music teachers. We are proud of these students for their diligence and commitment to musical excellence and is pleased to have them represent our district and our community as musical ambassadors at the IMEC this coming January in Peoria."


Renee Boone (11) – Alto II, North High

Peter Burrows (12) - Tenor I, South High

Jaclyn Duellman (11) – Alto I, North High

Delaney Durbin (11) – Soprano II, North High

Nathan Frewen (10) - Tenor II, South High

Agne Giedraityte (12) - Soprano I, South High

Diana Kwak (11) - Soprano II, South High

Cora Lingenfelter (10) – Soprano II, North High

Stefan Tambik (12) - Tenor II, South High


William Berberich (12) – Commercial Popular (2nd Place), North High

Aiden Schutte (12) - Remix Category (2nd place), South High


Benjamin Hodonicky (12) - Guitar, North High

MacKenzie McGuire (11) – Soprano, North High


Justin Berghorst (11) - Violin, North High

Rebecca Edmundson (12) - Violin, North High

Therese Malinowski (12) - Cello, South High

Brady Moore (12) – Cello, North High

Melissa Parkinson (10) – Double Bass, North High

Catherine Ramsey (12) – Harp, North High

Olivia Roti (10) - Viola, South High

Paige Sadler (11) – Violin, North High

Jesse Wei (11) – Viola, North High


Emilija Irvin (12) – Bassoon (Band), North High

Justin Koblich (12) - Percussion (Orchestra), North High

Kyra McComb (10) – Percussion (Band), North High

Owen Nystrom (11) – Bassoon (Band), North High

Jonah Sprandel (11) - Alto Saxophone, South High

Miles Teague (12) - Horn (Orchestra), North High


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