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ComEd recognizes village for LED Streetlight Program participation

ComEd recently presented Mayor Collins and the Village of Plainfield with a check for over $74,000.

The money received is part of the Com Ed rebate program and will be used to offset the cost of converting to LED lighting.

"We strive to improve our energy efficiency by upgrading more streetlights each year and ComEd's Energy Efficiency Program helps us achieve that goal," explained Mayor Collins when ComEd awarded the Village with the rebate check.

In 2019, the Village replaced 725 light fixtures, resulting in an annual savings of over $20,000. The replacement of these fixtures equates to:

• 574,531 pounds of CO2 reduced annually;

• 307 acres of trees planted annually;

• 56 cars removed from the road annually; and

• 52 homes powered annually.

The Village maintains 3,700 streetlights and since the Village's LED st reetlight replacement program began nine years ago, almost half of the Village's streetlights have been replaced . This has reduced the Village's electrical costs by over 25%.

There are a number of benefits to LED lights including: their life expectancy which is approximately ten years; they help to improve visibility at night; and they help reduce the Village's long-term maintenance costs.


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