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JJC Nursing program selects Citizenship Award Winners

JJC nursing students Rachael Fox and Robert Yore have earned the program's 2019 Citizenship Award.

Nursing faculty select two students each year for the award, which is given to those that demonstrate outstanding qualities in the categories of attitude, academics, character, community service, and school spirit.

"I am earnestly grateful to my professors for seeing something in me that was worth recognizing," said Fox, a 45-year-old mother of three from Channahon.

Fox said her favorite part about the program is the wealth of support that instructors provide.

Nursing Citizenship Winners Fall 2019

From left: Rachael Fox and Robert Yore

"The program has professors who serve as retention specialists and make themselves readily available to assist your learning and comprehension of more challenging content. The professors bring so much energy into the classroom and their passion for teaching is truly remarkable."

Yore, 29, from Joliet, described the JJC nursing program as one full of intelligent, hardworking students.

"So it really was surprising to be selected out of such a great group," he said. "I also must express gratitude for the support of my professors, family, and God. I wouldn't be here without it."

Yore added it was the reputation of instructors and the program in general that aided in his decision to enroll at JJC.

"I also lived out of the country for several years, so having the opportunity to pursue an exceptional education that was close to home and family made JJC an easy choice."

He's in his first semester at JJC, but already has an ideal where his academic and professional journey will lead.

"The plan is to continue my education and be a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. After a few years of experience in the field I hope to work with Doctors Without Borders," said Yore.

For Fox, who is in her final semester at JJC, she hopes to follow in the footsteps of her instructors and earn a master's degree in route to becoming a nursing professor.

"It is exciting to see this portion of the journey come to a close and I am now in the process of choosing the appropriate university to complete my education," she said.

For more information on JJC's nursing program, visit http://www.jjc.edu/nursing.


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