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Last updated 10/9/2019 at 4:24pm

Yard Waste and Leaf Pickup Update

Yard waste pickup continues through December 12, 2019. Leaf pickup runs from October 15 to December 7.

Place leaves in the street against the curb and away from parked cars the night before your scheduled refuse pick-up day.

Do not include other landscape debris in leaf piles, as the Village will only pick up leaves. All other landscape debris must be bagged or bundled with a yard waste sticker.

“Be Alarmed”

It is important to have enough smoke alarms in your home. Fire research has demonstrated that with today’s modern furnishings, fires can spread much more rapidly than in the past when more natural materials were used. Because of this, having a sufficient number of properly located smoke alarms is essential to maximize the amount of available escape time.

“Be Alarmed!” is a fire safety education and smoke alarm installation program administered cooperatively between the Illinois Fire Safety Alliance (IFSA) and the Office of the Illinois State Fire Marshal (OSFM). The program distributes fire safety education materials and 10-year sealed battery ionization technology smoke alarms to fire departments in the state of Illinois.

The fire departments then deliver the education and install smoke alarms in residential dwellings within their communities. Although this program is available to residential dwelling only, The Morton Grove Fire Department will be happy to assist or direct landlords and businesses with any compliance questions or concerns.

The Morton Grove Fire Department is excited to take part in the “Be Alarmed” program. It is our goal to ensure that all residents of Morton Grove are adequately protected by the proper quantity and installation of residential smoke alarms. What is more exciting is that the program is FREE to eligible residential dwellings. It is simple to enroll in the program and smoke alarm installation is provided by the Morton Grove Firefighters – free.

Students Visit Partner School in Germany; Completing 7th Exchange

This summer, 25 District 219 students traveled to Germany to participate in the 7th international exchange with partner school Schönborn Gymnasium, located outside of Heidelberg. Students enjoyed a 10-day host stay with their exchange partner and family and ended the trip with an extension tour into Salzburg, at the foothills of the Austrian Alps. D219 German students developed close relationships with their German exchange partners when the group visited Niles West and North in October 2018; this summer’s trip to Germany completed the second half of the exchange. Students were accompanied by North German teacher Tom Neal, West German teacher Joe Neumayer, and West French teacher Leslie Natzke.

While in Germany, students visited Schönborn Gymnasium and participated in trips to the Black Forest and France, as well as outings to local towns and destinations. On one sun-filled day, students spent the day at a beach where they water-skied, wake-boarded, and kneeboarded. Students enjoyed beach volleyball and a grill party, where Neumayer grilled bratwurst, pork, and chicken on a traditional “schwenkgrill.”

“I’d say I’m an avid griller, but this was certainly something new to me,” stated Neumayer. “On a schwenkgrill, the meat swings over the flames on a large circular grill grate hanging down from a gigantic tripod. It was wild.”

Another crowd pleaser was the Ritter Sport chocolate factory, where students spent lots of Euros purchasing delicious German chocolate at fabulous prices.


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