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Local to represent U.S.A in Ecuador karate tourney

Bolingbrook second degree black belt Enzo Floresca has bigger goals in mind than most

Enzo Floresca, a young man out of Bolingbrook, seems to not have any limits. After winning a silver medal in Kumite at the USA National Karate-do Federation at the Schaumburg Convention Center in July, bigger goals are in mind.

"Leading up to the competition, I trained everyday," Floresca said. "I trained with my team who also competed in nationals, but it was a lot."

Training in the morning with his teammates, by himself and running everyday, the workload was a lot, but well worth the blood, sweat and tears.

For an entire weekend, the competition for the one-on-one sparring Floresca did, was one day, which is what he qualified for in an age range from 14 to 15.

Something that Floresca has taken pride in for all of his years of doing karate is his determination.

In this year's tournament, Floresca said the final match was against someone from his own club, and it wasn't a sure thing he would advance to Ecuador.

"Last year I went to the semi final round but I lost and I had a lot of pressure on me," Floresca said. "This year in the final round I went against someone in the same club as me, but during the middle of the match I calmed down after I didn't start so well, and towards the end I scored, won and was really happy."

Because of the wide range of different competitions at the tournament, Floresca said that he enjoyed the big stage, and how many people were there.

"There were 10 rings in all, but my division was only on one ring, but yes there were so many people," Floresca said. "There were five judgers, one referee, two minutes per fight and about 20 divisions with more than 2,000 people there."

Floresca, who is a second-degree black belt, has participated in karate for 10 years, training for moments like these.

"I really just enjoy karate because the character it installs in me," Floresca said. "I feel that I'm more confident in things I do, and when I'm fighting I'm really happy because I know I'm doing something that I like."

After winning the silver medal in Schaumburg, Floresca said that was just the start of an even bigger agenda.

This month, Floresca qualified to represent the U.S.A. in the Pan American Karate Federation Continental Championships in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

"The tournament is made up of all of the top karate athletes in the United States," Floresca said.

Floresca's mom, Gale, said how proud she was of Enzo, finishing in the top two overall that put him in the Ecuador tournament.

"I get really nervous, but he does so well and our whole family is just so incredibly proud of him," Gale said. "Only the first and second place winners from the Schaumburg tournament get invited, and because he won second, he put himself in the position where he's at now."


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